Friday, November 15, 2013

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

In America

Morality in the hands of the majority, 
for sale to the highest bidder, 
confusion reigns for the masses, 
right and wrong, 
like a café menu, 
changes daily, 
absolutes ignored or rejected, 
while extremists push the edges of reality to the obscene and ridiculous, 
society collapses upon itself, 
and Rome revisited one last time.


crisis to crisis,
real or created,
the nerves fray,
and the nation crumbles,
not the way to govern,
if governing is what is done in this day and age,
problems addressed in sound bites,
within in the endless time frames of political campaigns,
action once,
the only way to hold the spotlight,
now inaction holds the captive,
the spotlight and the nation,
while hounds bay on the fringes,
sharpening their teeth,
readying their attack for the next campaign.

The Moral

If morality the basis of government,
wars must be sought out and fought,
not these pussy wars,
like Iraq, and Afghanistan,
but bloody wars,
like World War II,
or the Russian or French Revolution,
otherwise people will die,
long and pitiful deaths,
ten billion souls soon on this planet,
starvation can not be far off,
more moral to create a war,
and kill off a billion or two,
if fairness the criteria,
war the way to go,
what could be fairer than a world war,
maybe only random chance,
the solution to so many problems,
in a nut shell,
or maybe a bomb shell.

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