Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jennifer Lagier- Three Poems & Photos

Trade Winds
Island roosters are agitated, pace damp lawn,
crow off-key, feel a change in the weather.
With first light, breezes pick up, dance with
plumaria, hibiscus, push livid thunderheads inland.
The trees are unwillingly singing. Sea birds chirp,
spread the news--a big storm is coming.
Trade winds are all the buzz. Doves
and nervous chickens go into hiding.
I wake to the rattle of palm fronds,
silver spatter of downpour.

End of Adventure
Sunrise gifts me with gold clouds, light breezes.
It’s my last day in this once-a-year villa.
Morning blasts pink light through palms,
paints a lavender swath across moving ocean.
Vocal roosters crow as stilts and cardinals
perch on my porch chairs.
Broken flowers cascade from dripping trees,
litter the trail with pink and yellow confetti.
Showers come and go, leave unsettled sky,
a mélange of storm clouds and rainbows.

Nene geese clock in
for morning patrol.
Drab chickens deploy
to peck wet grass as
roosters crow, fluff
red and gold feathers.
Young honeymooners at cliff edge
admire glowing horizons,
embrace and kiss just as light
frames lanky palms, fronds
rattling in brisk ocean wind.
They don’t know I am watching,
a lone, barefoot woman sipping coffee
on her private lanai, unwillingly
witnessing their moment of romance.
Holding hands, the lovers disappear
down a dark trail, destination unknown.
Satisfied with solitary peace,
I savor paradise, contemplate wild surf
slowly washing red shoreline. It caresses
submerged coral, pristine sand, rolls
a carpet of white spindrift inland.

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