Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jason Constantine Ford- Two Poems


I reach out my hand and grasp the empty air
Without being able to find where you are.
Within this darkness, I almost feel despair
Until I hear your voice from place afar.
Although your words are entering my ears
And easing the load of my current fears,
The darkness has shrouded your features
And mine and left us as wandering creatures.
No form of light is penetrating your skin
Nor my own as we walk without direction.
Each thought of hope is becoming thin
As curse of darkness feels like an infection.
Not a word you speak, reveals where you stand
As fears of remaining lost now expand.

The Muse: An International Journal of Poetry, issn: 2249 - 2178, Volume 3, June 2013, Number 1

Standing in the Shadows

A hidden face is silently staring
At me as he is secretly preparing
To find the means of luring me in as prey.

The shadow of a pillar is one which overlaps
The form of a deceiver who sets up traps
For creatures unfit to see the light of day.

I hear the sound of buttons on a control pad
As the door is locked and I am left to status sad,
Fear is passing through each brittle vein of mine.

I hear a step behind a pillar near to the door
And lose sight of a figure which I abhor
As I feel myself as prey to sinister design.

Where is the deceiver who seeks to break my neck
And lay out my carcass as a worthless wreck
Which is only fit to be an object to despise?

Suddenly all the forms of lighting have gone out
As scourge of misfortune comes to me like a drought
Which erodes the lives of prey reaching their demise.

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