Friday, November 8, 2013

Christopher Kenneth Hanson- Two Poems

"Notes Of Alienation"  

                     Inside I weep, inside-
the faction of the so known endless
tyranny between them and us
is now known to be ' fallacious hooey '

Thereof- for the nation of alienation
I still weep via hooded tears

in tandem- the amber essences
in the moon mirrored sea,
find me et al. figuratively alone-

Inside- I draw, with crooked windpipes
 the cold incandescent sea- stilled:
while I float
via notes of alienation.

"Of Museums And Sonic Frequencies With Stones"

Dear friend docent,
As for the paltry din
I sincerely apologize- and for the lump sum
 in terms of matter or waste
I've also trained in terms of tale and in terms of
pride too-
Teetering on static formulaic construct
Known construct deceives
Only bade welcome with new feigned customs-

Melancholic whim with fake disdain
As poser with all other legalities concerned
As here, to lie in shambles; stone deaf.

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