Saturday, November 16, 2013

Patrick Weber- A Poem

Disputing Discrepancies 

Would you believe me if I told you I saw you?
It’s true, you were there, I saw you in my sleep.
You were standing in the corner patiently watching
I swear it wasn't me.
Staring, empty eyes. Emotionless face.
I see through you, your attempts to read me.
Contemplating your next action inside my head.
But if it’s my dream, do you do what I think?
Is my subconscious attempting to provide guilt?
Fabricating lies of truth from somewhere inside.
I want to see it all this time,
I want to know where it went, where it hit.
I’ll go back in time, floating through my memories.
Finding the truth floating in a sea of lies,
Misconceptions and underlying schemes.
Haze of a drunken stupor, fires of a broken soul
Inside my head, a burning hole.
Three days later, I see you again.
Visiting my dreams, pubescent attempt to haunt me.
I swear I didn't do it.
Calling you out, you turn and run.
Ignoring all my thoughts, straying from my light.
Are you real? Are you in my head?
Why can’t I control you?
Why can’t I be dead? Even it out,
give them a reason  to feel retribution
Ill go back again, navigating the hidden paths of my mind.
I found it this time, everything.
I see his blood on my hands, just a kid.
It shouldn't have happened like this.
Can I even it out? Is my life worth his?
You step out in the light, you are holding the gun
That took his life, in just a moment.
Put it up to my head, I know what to do
I pull the trigger, all while keeping eye contact with you.

Patrick Weber is an aspiring writer of 2 years. He has previously been accepted for publication at The Stray Branch, and he is currently in the process of writing his first novel.

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