Sunday, November 10, 2013

P.K. Deb- A Poem

A Slap----The Slavery System
On 18th October, 2013---
the tears of the headlines of news-papers
submerged the hearts of the sensitive readers
and they were ashamed of the news ---
‘’The existence of 36 million slaves in the world’’
who earn and feed the shameless resourceful.
It was a slap on the pride of the babbling world-
claiming as modern, scientific and up-to-date,
climbing up almost near to heaven-
leaving behind the barbaric stains of centuries.
‘’Hunt or be hunted’’ was immersed
in the deep of dark history,
‘’Live and let live’’ is chorused to worship humanity,
blissful  we are to live a life and save a life,
moderate too to apply the virtues simultaneously
to the botanical and zoological welfare
and sincere to the messages of the divine messengers.

Nevertheless, something wrong in the air,
a sympathetic heart can realise the hidden weeping
that reverberates in the air and the sky
in the gap of tumultuous enjoyments.
Self-criticisers came forward and excavated  
the universal body of mankind
and uncovered millions of hidden weeping faces,
empty hands and bare bodies full of black spots and stains,
recognised they were as slaves.

A heart-quake is felt by the humanitarians
and demolition of skyscrapers of civilisation is witnessed,
caused by greed and cruelty to obtain something more-
a common ornament of uncivilised society of black history,
still embellishes some blood- sucking demons and Draculas.

Hark, the humanitarians!
 Let our invidiousness be elapsed
in recognising the bloodsuckers,
our honesty, sympathy, kindness and benevolence
be stood against them with a collaboration of God’s grace,
 a new sunshine of freedom be illuminated
the future of the captive slaves forever,
and our civilisation  be decorated with the glittering
smiles of the slaves -rescued and rehabilitated .