Monday, November 4, 2013

P.K. Deb- Three Poems

 Something more
Addition of something more and more-
Pulls instantly tongue out of mouth,
Protrudes eyes like ghosts
And compels to respire so wildly
That make ashamed even a dog- a pet or wild.

Feeble are trampled in hustle 
And piled into a stack to reach to the abundance,
Friends are cheated in sabotage
And circumscribed by the cobweb of bankruptcy,  
Rivals are killed in conflict
And their powers are tarnished as well
And God fearing goes under the devil 
To worship and gain something more in return.

It flies smokes and greed up and up
With sharp nails of carbon and desires,
The ozone-layer and heart get pinched and leaked,
Drives away oxygen and heart
From the body of ozone-layer and mankind,
Thus, may bring about the end of the homosapian.

 A  Stranger
Always  unpleasant, unsolicited  and  unnoticed  too,
Yet  it  dares  to  break  the  girdle  quite  silently
And  trespasses  the  lanes  of  our  lives,
Interferes  all  work---performed  with  cares
Stands  against  the  ways---chosen with  justification
And  demeans  the  contributions---made  with  sacrifices.

It  traverses  all  quarters  and  looks  for  something,
Shrivels  its  nose  as  something  wrong  therein
And  comments  proudly  with  irritating  gesture.
Indeed,  we  find  us  instantly  in  the  laboratory
Where  the  virtues  of  tolerance  and  patience
Are  tested  under  the  scanner  round  the  clock

Men  with  dieting  hearts   and  tourist  brains  react,
Become  inflammable  and  set  ablaze  their  creations,
Breakables  are  mingled  in  a  moment  and  flown  away
And  soluble  are  diluted  instantly  and  washed  away.

 Men  with  rhino-skin  and  brimful  tolerance  and  patience
Recognise  and  accept  the  unwanted  stranger  as  a  teacher
Endure his finger pointed towards the dirt  of weakness
And  sweep   them  out  of  life  and  gain  a  neat  and  clean  future. 

Two Neighbours
In every night,
time steers the magical stick,
makes the hilarious houses unconscious
from the huts to the skyscrapers-
shutting their doors and windows
but enchants the two shrewd neighbours,
who express their concealed friendship through hotline,
organise luxurious party in a secret paradise,
exchange surprise gifts and packages
and discover the tactics of making people fool.

Routine- wise the sun appears in the morning,
makes everything from material to immaterial
transparent and comprehensible
to open eyes and ears and to hearts and souls.
The two clever neighbours wash out the friendship,
proclaim hostility in front of micro phone,
throw the bombs to each other
made of synthetic hatred and anger,
inject the alcohol of enmity in to people’s mind
and build up an aggressive and toddling society.    

Within a fraction of a moment-
universal friendship and fraternity get mingled,
peace and harmony commit suicide,
intelligence and intellectuality hide in the knees
and all fools join in well-planned hustle and bustle
on the top floor and in the ground floor-
cheating, pillaging, and even blood – shedding.
Alas! The earth rotates and again night appears,
brings the two neighbours lips to lips through cell phone
and in the outside a pathetic weeping reverberates in the air.