Sunday, June 5, 2016

Subhankar Das- A Poem


Cannot find my Bengali dictionary
from morning.
It’s not on my messy writing table,
not in the book racks,
even not among the books on the floor.

An annoyance started brewing up.
Did my friend take it?
Last night he was sleeping in my bed
and left the house before dawn
not even waking me up
as I lay on the floor snoring away to glory.

Used Glasses are lying on the floor with me,
empty liquor bottles, greasy chips,
paper cones and empty cigarette packets too.
I cleaned everything up talking to myself
about the possibilities.
When I have given up hope completely
 I discovered the red dictionary
 wrapped in my bed sheets.

How the hell did he know
I sometimes use a dictionary
instead of a pillow?

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