Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Robert Cooperman- A Poem

Trump Calls Out Elizabeth Warren

Hey Senator Pocahontas,
where’s your eagle feather?
How come you don’t look
like a squaw or wear buckskins?
You’re a dumb, four-eyed broad,
who doesn’t know how to dress
or use make-up or wear falsies
under your trainer bra, to make
what little you have more appealing
to A List men, who wouldn’t look at you
even if you had giant cazongas.

But all you got is a big yap
that, when I get to the Oval Office,
I’m going to shut with an exec order,
you disgusting pig, stringier, uglier
than Popeye’s Olive Oyl.

Where do you come off calling me
a lying bully who can’t be trusted?
You’re the one who speaks
in forked tongues, claiming
to be part Cherokee, like every
other loser in the country.

If I left Atlantic City really, really rich
at the expense of the little people
and investors who believed I could turn
casinos around and provide good jobs
and profits for lazy bums, that’s called,
“Business sense,” nothing illegal about it.

You swim near a shark, you lose a leg.
That, Pocahontas, is the American Way.


  1. Once again, an excellent poem that accurately captures the arrogance, ignorance and hubris of this sad excuse of a candidate.

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