Friday, June 24, 2016

Patrick Jordan- Two Poems

Patrick Jordan has been writing poetry and prose since he was ten years old. Through poetic expression and creative writing Patrick sets himself at the center of his search for the truth. In 2014 Patrick created the Facebook group "Notes From The Edge.” With over a thousand members they share their love of the written word and carve out a special place online. There on the Edge he hones his craft into something unique and hopes to spark a fire for all to see. He holds degrees in both Sociology and  Psychology and is currently working on a Master's degree.
Somewhere Out There
Somewhere out there
is a person,
with a pencil or a piece of charcoal,
writing about his thoughts.
And as the Sun sets
and the last glows
go down behind the horizon,
he can't help but think about
the people around the world.
People in Africa
living in handmade huts,
no running water,
no toilets,
no food,
and dirt for floors.
The ones in Siberia
living in log cabins
made by their
great-great grandfathers
still standing the test of time.
Their families still
being warmed by the fireplace
that was made centuries before.
The thousands of people
rushing up & down
the streets of Tokyo.
Smog filling their lungs
and the sounds of motorbikes
zooming in & out of traffic,
and the sweet smell of street food
hanging in the air.
Or a man sitting all alone
with running water,
indoor toilet and a shower.
Appliances that work
and almost every creature comfort
that money can buy
and still not feeling complete.
A man wishing he was in
Africa, Siberia, or Tokyo.
Or better yet,
wishing he was somewhere
out there
holding onto a pencil or piece of charcoal
writing down his thoughts
on the rest of the world.
          Would I?
        If I couldn't numb myself on an hourly basis,
I would
         scream constantly at the state of the world.
I would
        go mad with rage from all the injustice I see.
I would
         beat my fist until blood poured
         from my broken mangled knuckles.
I would
         break my heart trying to find a way to fix it.
I would
         cry myself to sleep every night.
I would
         beg and plead everyone to help me.
I would
         try my hardest to make sense of it.
I would
         never harm another living thing.
I would
         devote my life to positive change.
I would
         sacrifice myself for the good of it all.
I would
         try and make a difference in this world.
         I would try.
I would.

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