Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Smoke Screen

hate rages,
the weak minded grab the guns,
hypocrites all,
view each other with contempt,
yet talk of love,
 . . .only bullshit,
a smoke screen,
while the left and right,
manipulate the poll numbers,
with the latest tragedy,
as the toxic sludge festers,
and spreads,
weakening our democracy,
destroying our reality.
Controlling and Curbing Violent Deaths

a congressman hung,
for each citizen that dies,
a violent death,
the senate whipped,
the president scourged,
bureaucrats tarred in the streets,
or maybe just the funding should be lost,
don't change the laws,
just reduce the costs,
no millionaires crying crocodille tears,
instead hand out the whips,
and drive them from democracy's temple,
cats to milk,
politicians lapping the spilled blood,
the cameras continue to roll,
the media masterubates,
extending the climax,
and milking the pain,
the sorrow,
gallows erected across the capital,
if justice truly served.

life a gift,
a jail sentence,
or a vacation in the tropics,
neither everlasting,
death to be faced,
sooner or later,
let's stop the pretending,
life not ours to own,
only a gift,
and death not easily controlled.

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