Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Michael Ceraolo- Two Letters

2016:  Election Letter Number 1

Dear Electorate,

This week the failed candidate from the previous election
took on his party's front-runner in this election cycle,
among many other things he cited
the current front-runner's many business failures

I strongly dislike both men,
those who compare business to government
show they don't know very much about either
(save America and the world
from crappy metaphors and weak analogies)
in the interest of fairness,
to bring up something sure to be unheard
in media coverage of the speech,
I ask this question:
                              Which harmed more people,
the current candidate's business failures
or the previous candidate's business successes?

Letter About Robin Williams' Suicide

Dear Everyone,

Please stop
Stop the romantic bullshit about battling demons
Stop the romantic bullshit about the tears of a clown
Stop any other crappy metaphor you're tempted to use:
metaphors are supposed to increase, not decrease, understanding
Stop saying we shouldn't stigmatize mental illness
Stop using the term mental illness
If you want to be in any way useful,
call what he suffered from,
and what millions of others suffer from,
what it is:
                a brain disease,
that is all too often not treated correctly

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