Friday, June 17, 2016

Alan Catlin- Three Poems

The Swimmer

 He looked
 like he'd
 hit every
 on the block
 Still had
 wet hair
 and glazed eyes
 I was
 gonna be
 real neighborly
 and friendly
 Thought I
 was gonna
 say Hi
 and mix
 him up a
 while he
 dripped dry
 on my wash
 and wear carpet

La Dolce Vita

 They looked
 like rejected
 extras from
 a Fellini
 in search
 of the set
 for the good
 Their makeup
 was all
 wrong and
 their perfume
 was poor
 but they
 didn't care
 They could
 do whatever
 they wanted
 drink all they
 fall down on
 their faces
 No one could
 stop them
 They were extras man
 and no one
 needed them
 and no one
 ever would

 The Man with the X‑Ray Eyes

 He was
 the man
 with the
 X‑Ray eyes
 Thought he
 could see
 Thought he
 knew what a
 girl had on
 her dress
 just by looking
 and he didn't
 mind saying
 he knew what
 was happening
 inside your head too
 "Don't try to jerk me
 I know all
 of the tricks
 We understand
 each other
 As if we had
 reached some sort
 of gentleman's
 as if what
 he was saying
 wasn't an
 to jerk him

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