Tuesday, June 14, 2016

B.Z. Niditch- Three Poems


Who astonishes me
along the ruddy shore morning
in view at a port of entry
from my new sun shades
setting out like angels
unshaven as the prophets
ask my friend to join
me in the psalms
as we clasp hands
at my kayak anchor
following a rainbow
in the twilight sky
she feeling dizzy
as the boat rocks on
the wind shatters us
on the Atlantic
as we cross the ocean
with a greeting kiss
a sail boat crosses
hearing the empty cry
of an albatross
and I share with her
with my knowledge
of Baudelaire's abyss 
and Samuel Taylor 's
Rhyme of a Mariner
in the cold air
and she is refreshed.


Those new blueberries
wash in our cool hands
which keep us in sweetness
on airy dawn's of a June day
we hike on Indian trails
ablaze in the mangrove
a drowsy dawn passes by
through kicking a ball
at soccer practice,
gone is the wintry ice
over tall grass shade
against the west wind
at a hive of bees move
by a sleepy current
of the sunny river bed
reading my poems
to a circle of students
overcoming the pine combs 
on common ground
over red Indian blankets
of spreading light
all of us in turn
reciting words 
from Thoreau
among a relentless sunshine
on these sacred grounds
as nature reveals
the same Emerson wisdom
as blackbirds red wings
fall under the bridge.


As my girl friend appears
in the museum courtyard
awaiting Mattise
Old Masters and the modern
we in our white sneakers,
carry drawing easels
to expand our local color
in the hill background
and some of Eliot and Auden's
in sequences of wise words
being the fortieth in line
suddenly taking out
my alto sax fingers are ready
on a sensitive mouth
as riffs in pages 
of composed shadows
play out its riffs of notes
on the steps
and moments of blues
flee from us
from cherished C flats,
in luminous memories
from my reed
of a high range
fathomless rhythm
always making raves.

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