Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Marchell Jefferson- Three Poems


A vampire drips     her kiss across the sky
A celestial huntress's feathered arrows     pierce the heart of the moon
All the goddesses on this ruby midnight boa dances     to the end of the world
As the great harlot rides the beast     womankind drinks to her sacrament
A scarlet moon bares her breast       in red shadows lit phases
And scarlet is the wine      we choose to drink from our witch's cup      


Moon lit stones of miracles made
oyster incubated

Seen with your eyes
Not with your hands

Loosen from a silken chain
Once held now

Like pickled eggs
They are

Sitting pretty
In a mason jar


I sweep away the dust
My broom is a paintbrush
Riddled with stain dried colors
That make the setting sun
A sight to behold

I hang up
The coats of stars
That twist and twinkle
Silver light

I wax on
I wax off
The floors of the moon
I scrub each crater clean

Around this big ball of cheese
I venture on with my cleaning
While the man on the moon
Does nothing but smile

The glory is his
The work all mine
Unknown and underappreciated
Mechanical are my internal clock work

I push the moon into prefect evolution
Between the earth and the sun
This heavenly housework isn't easy
But boy is it fun

1 comment:

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