Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ann Huang- Three Poems


Even if life goes by sometimes
Less charmingly
Than many of its hot cheat sheets
In a world infiltrated by
Man’s ignorance,
Than some politicians
Who influence us
With the seeded greed.
Than mother Theresa
Lying down with hunger breadths.


The devil says to a woman:
“Mme, you’re cute!”
“And,” responds the woman,
“The reality has made me aware of
The possibility of your presence.”


The pear under the dough is his dream—
Discreet elation, original like of the moon.
The dough has cultivated his focus, his stare,
Numbly motivated in the incline and fall
Of seeds among seeds beneath him, messes his touches.
He is a student of the fruits and their red buds.

And he goes from keeping the seeds for himself, 
The dirt absorbing him, swirling his matured organs,
Releasing him from the streams and their slow greens,
Elevating the candor of his heart in the moonlight.
He has a future, bravery, beliefs
Resided in the mist and light of his eyes.

Ann Huang is a seasoned marketer with more than fifteen years of experience working with the spoken and written word. As an MFA recipient in Poetry from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, Huang’s poetry has appeared online and in print extensively. Her recent poem, “Night Lullaby,” was a Ruth Stone Poetry Prize finalist. Huang's new poetry collection, Delicious and Alien, is due out in 2017. Her poems follow the surrealistic gestures that weave reality into divergent realms of perspectives and perceptions. Visit for more poems and press releases.

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