Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vernon Frazer- Three Poems

GPS Gives Prophetic Directions

insight modem
     a panoptic squint

    no glue left
  to hint a parallel margin

            no time like the prescient

when questing turns
answers into guests
left behind as a visit

an optic   for the next
            eyes                        gathering 
     to the      beyond
    numbered    renditions
  opposing    the view

sight lines inured to vision
the nodal seeks an aural cue

     all coherence lost
  in the meaning
no translation
     needed or offered
   for clarifying
aquatic       questing   for

direction’s        journeys hone


Fox Hunting with a Magnate

before the symposium rumors 
concealed stamping privileges to frost 
their coiled serpent 
              to zoning detonator 

unsettled tabloid revivalists
pander flagon wealth passing rainbow  
      portfolio           bibliography 

     abdominal hurricane artifact 
               thought coiled courtesans 
                        boldly rendered trade-ins 

          to rethink tympani things 
          worth the fluster looming 
          easy gadgets past horse 

cashing molester green 
the parallel representation 

storied cloaks oil index thrillers 
breaking in primordial radar thoraxes 

     walled cans 
     capturing clearance to vineyard riots 

intervene against verbatim vultures 

    sensual headings rustled 
         a costly revamp thickening  
                another disqualification platelet

                          concealed the barbarity index

Taking the Last Ride Out

umbrella menu
bleeds a starch crayon 
before the ravens

carve a swinging tether
for others on showboat
cruises catching an ice

floe before the crouton slows

its timed delivery 
to wagon rains treading west


steel marchers relish 
the reeling swelter heat gives
an empty diatribe faucet

when running
tendon stampers cleave hot footage

under the wattage
largely supplied to 
pass a clan barge

baring the hair from its radial shirt


a harsh relic renewed
the parched planning
accruing slower wind

before the throttle navigation rained a denture surplus
devoured the cold invention
pure from dead gums

caught the ordinary late-fowl perusing

a caustic hemisphere  
of furnished contraband to breathe
quartets left for dancing 

numerals planning 
their craven du jour
elastic in its dwelling

amnestic as the night implies

wetland follies
plan an arching need
to save accords

ointment seizures left unexplained

the last beef shard impaled 
past a nominal resentment
leathers moribund appetite

to emaciate 
their guests 

reply: occlusions paste through winging hunger

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  1. Modernist use of language that gets us to think of a
    poet's notions of his reality.