Saturday, February 27, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

The Call

religion about discipline,
body and soul,
compassionate relativism,
only a cancer that continues to grow,
disciplined and decisive,
a true Christian must be,
very little gray actually exists,
the call to follow Jesus Christ,
quite basic,
pretty much,
black and white,
and discipline the key.

A Warrior

not a democrat,
nor republican,
but an opportunist,
of the first degree,
seeing desperation on right wing faces,
out of power,
for eight long years,
oppressed and ignored,
for eight long years,
he will rage against the machine of government,
citing a constitution,
rarely read,
the people do not care,
he is their warrior,
their champion,
even though,
his views unknown,
and the future of the party,

Nero Now

presidential politics now a gutter match,
dignity no longer required,
only the lack of ethics,
and upbringing,
the office evolves into a place,
for a dictator,
a thug,
or maybe just a criminal,
with no sense,
of wrong or right,
politics akin to the jungle,
not for the weak,
but only the strong,
the rich,
and the immoral.


  1. In the world of politics a lot is hidden.

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