Monday, February 15, 2016

Melanie Browne- Two Poems

The Gonzo Politician 

Serves the
zero percent,
he takes a swig of
Sunny Delight,
combing his pompadour 
he posts delusional
ramblings on
Jay Z's
twitter feed,
meshing Isaiah 14:12,
with Luke 16:19-
he begs Taylor Swift
for a new microwave,
'Morning star,
daughter of the dawn!
Buy me a new microwave-
you live in luxury,
but I can't heat up my 
tv dinner'
he joins a
Bernie Sanders
meetup group but
has a breakdown
in the middle of
minute maid park,
he blames Bernie,
and now stumps
for Hilary,
he gives away 
free Shipley Donuts
to people who 
promise to
vote for her

Can Al Gore see the ocean?
( a cut up poem made from climate change book reviews on amazon)

Walking backwards, 
can AL Gore see the ocean?
our nature is plastic,
our nature is sprouts,
the stars are exploding,
walking backwards,
can Al Gore see the ocean?
Galileo has clouded
the agenda,
he watches the refrigerator
with evenings daughters,
he is a lighthouse atheist,
smoking theory tobacco,
Al Gore points west,
Mr & Ms Climate wave
from the pier,
they wear their ice caps brightly

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