Monday, February 22, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

The Candidates

somewhere a line crossed,
politicians no longer campaign,
but instead preach,
no need to defend records,
the people rather find someone,
in whom to believe,
faith, anger, and hope,
believe in the improbable,
rage at the infidels,
and hope that reality,
and the masses,
easily deceived.

Comrade Francis

Catholicism the new marxism,
Pope Francis advocates for the poor,
their way to heaven easy,
the rich deserve the papal prayers,
camels passing through needle eyes,
the holy father called,
not to be a rock star,
but a servant,
of both the rich,
and the poor,
Christ Himself,
said there will always be poor,
if truly Christian,
rich or poor,
only a state of mind,
a matter,
beneath concern,
have faith,
and God will provide,
faith in the divine,
instead of marxist doctrine,
inciting class warfare,
between the rich and the poor.

An Old Hippie

an old hippie,
gone legit,
the world finally listening,
after all these years,
hoping for a revolution,
he obviously underestimates,
and does not understand,
the youth of America,
digging the rediscovered concept of free love,
especially the free,
but Bernie a deadbeat,
will have to find someone else,
to foot the bill,
the wealthy and their wealth,
already moving to the suburbs,
away from the Sanders commune,
full of young people,
and deadbeats,
soon to be disillusioned,
once again,
hopefully no kool-aid,
close at hand.

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