Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bruce Mundhenke- A Poem

End Game

The earth is spinning
It's way around the sun,
All of us along for the ride.
The majority of riders unaware
Of the rapidly changing tide.
The stakes are getting very high,
But still the game is played.
Very soon, there may come a time
When the hand of evil cannot be stayed.
Nearly half a million soldiers,
Practice for war as we speak,
And none of the major powers
Can afford to be seen as weak.
Even greater powers
Are behind the changing tides,
And soon each and every rider
Will be forced into choosing sides.


  1. War games everyone however authoritative,as this poem
    in circuitous awareness of language lets us get involved.

  2. We came from sticks and stones all the way to
    complete annihilation. Can we walk toward the light
    and not live in darkness. We will be in complete darkness if we blow the planet up.