Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bruce Mundhenke- A Poem

A Concert

We once went
To see Bob Dylan,
A poet on a bus
With a band.
On a cool day
Just before autumn,
When a cool, gentle,
Comforting breeze
Was passing over the land.
We stood at relaxed attention,
With many others
In front of the stage,
A smile on our faces,
We watched him play,
And listened to the words
Of the sage.
He no doubt had been touched
By the Master,
Still very good with age.
We warned some young ones
Who followed his tour
That these days
Things weren't the same.
As the concert was ending,
Security came around.
They grabbed the kid's
Pipe and his bag,
And knocked him to the ground.
As they walked him away in handcuffs,
All his friends could say,
Was bummer, guys,
Guess he'll catch up,
In Omaha, anyways...
Then Dylan and band
Boarded their bus,
And slowly they rolled away.


  1. Times do change. I hope he enjoyed the concert.

  2. Our security is in the highest realm of aesthetic and spiritual consciousness of which Dylan knew something about.