Saturday, February 20, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Dictator or King

the darling of the right,
the right wing Obama,
a dictator or king,
promising America will win,
ignorant of civics,
and political science,
it does not matter,
process is unimportant,
winning the key,
winning what,
or how,
never truly answered,
he will make it happen,
it is just better,
we do not know,
America holds its breath,
and the world finds religion.

An Election

voters on both the right,
and the left agree,
this election not about a president,
but about inflicting damage,
on the political elite,
blow up the government,
and start anew,
America ready to make Khrushchev a prophet,
the Russian revolution,
revisited after a hundred years,
the same mistakes,
soon to be made,
the government splinters,
under pressure from different groups,
the election a success,
if the government falls,
the voters,
both left and right,
celebrate as the decline begins.

Common Good

senators brag,
laws passed to save citizens' lives,
the implication evident,
no one dies,
seat belts,
gun laws too,
lives saved,
a million or two,
how ignorant the nation must be,
the reality,
no lives,
ever truly saved,
the government influencing the time,
and even the day,
manipulating how people die,
never was about the common good,
or our nation's health,
more about revenue flow,
a pickpocket's dream,
preach about health,
but make them bleed,
everyone's insured,
while healthcare erodes,
revenue exponentially begins to flow,
and lives saved for the common good,
eternity awaits,
only the government to decide.


  1. I think we are all being manipulated, but some can
    see where it is all going.

  2. Precursors of political correspondences accrue to a
    storehouse of injustice.