Friday, February 26, 2016

Noel Negele- Three Poems

From The Worn Out Jackets, Shoulder To Shoulder In The Bar

And if you see us propped up
Against the bar like eternal scarecrows
Inside your expensive clothes
With your bright dentures like parading armies
Of mockery in your mouths
Do not hurry and judge us—
Life stories that you don’t know
Or do not understand
And if we seek compassion with our fists
On each other’s faces, do not be alarmed
We are only handing out gifts
And do not be afraid of our scars
They are only wrinkles around our souls.

Maybe your bridges don’t curve
And your mornings are filled with smiling faces
While we deal with our hangovers and our guilts 
Surrounding our heads like carrions, eager to descent
Do not think for a second that you know something
We don’t,
Death has consumed our meaning like a dog
Sinking into a quicksand, our loved ones have come
And gone and are not likely to return—
And do not think that all human ingredients died in us,
They have only faded a little, put to the test daily
As we still smile kindly at children, and we all laugh
At times, maybe with the same jokes that you do.

Older Than Young

The days roll away
Like coins slipped
From the pockets

But with not enough
Worth to chase them
Down the pavement

A howl is heard each night
A dog barking with its tongue
Cut off—
Everything is a birth 
Of something worse
Each day a grapple for 
Survival against people

If your left hand 
Goes numb
It’s a heart attack
Ready to happen

If your head hurts
It’s a blood clot

Don’t yank your face off for them
They will stick it to the piss wall
Use it as a target for darts

And do not rip your heart out,
Do not lay it down for them
No one is going to kneel before it
and gently bring it back to you.

It Goes

Strolling around, drunk and coked out of your mind
With mean friends also drunk and coked out of their minds
Talking with a fast paced manner
About things they do not care
And they don’t even pretend to listen
But you keep at it, eyes wide open
Hands moving in effort
To make visual explanations about
The uselessness that comes out of your mouth
As they shit through their mouths too

Strolling around in the night
Under a sky as black as oil

Menacing, drunk, coked out of your skull
Fighting often, annoying rat of a man
So much less from what they expected from you
To be

And then you stay in for days
Stay alone for days
As the phone rings inviting you
To awful escapades
That will continue to spread the numbness
Like an epidemic into your life
So terribly alone
That you become absolutely romantic
Bothering old lovers that have moved on
A long time ago
And of course you shoot at it again
Aiming for deliverance
Actually talking to women honestly
Desperately in need for actual contact

But the music is too loud
The lights too dim
And all they want to do is dance
And take ecstasy 
So you take some ecstasy too

And you lay yourself on the railroad
Watching at the starless sky
With no romance, no hopes
No needs anymore
Just an awful grin on the face
Dazed and comfortable
Listening to the trains 
like instruments of music.

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