Sunday, February 21, 2016

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems


you were damaged
i get that
hurt people, hurt people;
but you could
have broken the
it could have ended with you
instead you dragged me
into the stark pale
of moonlight
and buried me beneath the ice
i was to become another
of your voiceless, blue-lipped angels that
could not speak of your
but i rose from the ashes burning away
all the ice and snow
you threw into my heart and soul
with the coldness and insincerity of your words
more cutting that winter's iciest fang
of icicles
for i am summer born
perhaps i should let go of my anger,
but this passion in me burns bright and i want
vengeance not only for myself
but all the hearts you shattered for i am a moon child
even we have dark sides like our moon mother;
and you've provoked the long sleeping
monster of my anger
it roars for your lamentations.

heightened insecurities 

i know i'm far from perfect,
but was it really
to break my rose-tinted glasses
throw me face first
into a shark tank full of furious and
angry sharks that would rip
me to pieces
in the salty sea which would reopen
all the wounds you threw
so casually
into my heart?
i know that sometimes i get too angry
or i get too sad or i focus on
the wrong things,
but was it really such a crime for me
to love you?
the more i tried to get closer, the more you
shoved me away;
i wanted to burn away all your insecurities
while all you ever did was heighten

my inner goddess is a harpy 

they tell me i'm better off without you
i know that's true,
but still the anger and sorrow remain;
i wish you could know
the extent and measure of all the pain you
caused me
of how badly your lust severed my heart
because i loved you
i didn't just say it the way you did 
because you don't 
destroy those you love and simply make a game
and mockery of their hearts
the way you did
you told me once i didn't have a temper,
but that's not true;
i am sweet as persephone when i'm kind but once
my dark side has been awoken
i am artemis of the wood
ripping my enemies to pieces with the claws of bears
or fangs of hungry wolves or coyotes or
even the claws of angry corvids;
and now that artemis is awake in me she
wants to punish you for all the hurt you awoken in me.

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  1. Emotionally these poems are potent. I feel that
    one has to forgive to move on in life. There is
    a new and happy beginning when one lets go of pain.