Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tim Gardiner- Three Haiku

Dusk till Dawn

silent sunrise -
a churring choir
sings by moonlight

the nightingale trills -
sleepless songs
of a midnight muse

sonic booming -
an illusion
in the reeds

Tim Gardiner has poems published in Camel Saloon, Country-Side, Dead Snakes, 50 Haikus, Haiku Journal, Poetry Haiku, Poetry Nook, Salopeot, Three Line Poetry, UFO Gigolo, VerseWrights and War Poetry UK. His first collection of full-length poetry 'Wilderness' is due to be published by Brambleby Books in 2014. He is also an ecologist who has published numerous scientific papers and several books on natural history. He regularly tweets haiku on @TimGardiner3

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