Sunday, June 8, 2014

Joseph Donnelly- Two Poems

She left hell for herself
She left hell without looking back
A childhood of memories,
Two demon parents,
Married to their jobs,
Loving destructors,
Always supportive to their daughter,
Sent her off to purgatory for a real education,
To grow,
To find her way in the netherworld,
She couldn’t wait to leave,
Hating the heat and screams,
The day in, day out mundane torture,
When she left,
She started to wear different clothes,
Bought a guitar and never played it,
Sometimes she would find herself in conversations,
Talking trash and burning hell,
She jumped in on the hatred,
Making everyone crack up at the specifics,
On the inside she felt guilty, tormented,

Hatred for the brain people
One of those
Hiding a high IQ
Directionless and devious
Blaming the capriciousness
Their family history
Holding onto your golden ticket
Greedy with your brain cells
Most of us do not understand the benefit
Do not understand the algorithm
Posted on the chalk board
You seem to have no issue
Spelling it m-a-n-ure
Not bothering to spell a name
Too contrived
Too banal
We will show apathy for your condition
Love what you can give us
Criticize the world you lived in
Until it catches up to with artistic contribution
We can find reasons to dislike the lifestyle choices
And hate your laziness
Hating ourselves for being deaf to your vision

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