Sunday, June 1, 2014

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal- 3 Poems

It took me quite a while
to throw the brick.
Lost in contemplation
and feelings of
peace and harmony, I
went the other
way and just threw it with
bad intention.
It took me quite a while
to think about
the consequences. Lots of
beer and rum and
coke took care of my mind
and feelings of
regret.  I threw the brick
like if it was
a grenade through your front
window when you
were probably not home.
I did not call
first.  You told me not to,
ever again,
and so I respected
your wishes.  It
took me quite a while to
realize I
wasted a good brick on
you, not just a
good heart that’s now broken
like your window.
You grow a beard
to go with your blue eyes
and gold tooth.
You wear your dress
long to the floor and smile
In the circus
you’re the star of the show.
so, you have a
group of followers and
suitors, who
wish to lie with
you and have children and
live free of
prejudices.  You
let your beard grow long and
it only
makes you look
more beautiful to those
who see you
for who you are.
In the sun your gold tooth
reflects and
blinds those who cast
stones in your direction.
Your blue eyes
shine on like some
crazy diamond and you
smile with love.
Noon-tide comes along.
Put your hand in mine.
Let love take hold.  Be
my captive and I’ll be yours.
All I need is you.
Don’t keep me away.
Midnight’s desolate
hour brings silence, but
my soul stays up for
your love. Come on over.
Put your hand in mine.

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