Monday, June 9, 2014

Tendai R. Mwanaka- Three Poems


The desert island, you are my lonesome existence.
Internal seas ranged around glistening beaches.
Listening intently to the heartbeat within me-
Soft bellows of an ever including despair.

So many words;
                       So many feelings-
                                               The visitors,
                            The strangers-
Their promising gestures!

We hollow ourselves out to have and hold them.
They arrive every spring,
                                  Nestle down in the summer,
Scary away every winter.
Terrified by my ever-recurring penniless terrors.

I can feel the sound of their feet pattering away-
So much hurry;
                       So little time taken,
So little love given.
Leaving behind their shadows to rend me apart.

Such an avalanche-
                             So much dilapidation,
                                             This ghastly emptiness!
                                             Look..., look!
                            I am the ruin,
But I had loved too.

The sad echo-canting sound of my howling voice.
And far the ocean’s deep, their thin angry silence.
Tearing my once shinning golden coastlands.
Leaving me the sole-inheritor of this wasteland.


a dear friend that you were, now gone
good times we shared and savoured
freely, all that you had, you gave to me
the honour, the truth, the love.

a trustful shoulder i rested and cried on
though far away now, you are so near
as if its yesterday that you were here
sweet memories of you, still alive and bright.

till when the sun doesn't shine no more
till when we meet again, once more
i will remember you my dear companion
i will remember you were a true companion.


Upside down everything swirls,
Your life too.
It’s a sad story you are living through.
It’s a terrifying dream!

Nothing stays the same,
Answers don’t come,
Questions remain unanswered.

If we could rewind the hand of this clock.
Rub this time,
Strife and tumult.

Yes, you can sacrifice your heart and mind.
There is no easy way out,
No short cut!

Don’t give up!
When you want it,
You can have it.
Don’t let it slip out of your grasp.

Get up, go!
Waste no time in regrets.
And from thorns and thistles,
Harvest grapes.

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