Monday, June 16, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


land fought for,
through countless centuries,
now handed over without complaint,
dreams no longer exist in a mind preoccupied with economic collapse,
and social injustice,
independence once prized,
to own land was to own the world,
land ownership,
taunted now,
a target placed upon the back,
an ancient way of life,
inhumane to raise livestock for food,
the fault of the corn and wheat farmer,
land of the spiritual nomad,
no ties to the land,
or roots on which to hold,
thoughts only of the moment at hand,
Return of the Dark

the world ripping apart at the seams,
dark times lurk again,
the future bleak,
Nero fiddled while Rome burned,
the lessons of history,
not easy to learn,
days blindly argued away,
crisis-es builds day after day,
the natural world in revolt,
the political world up in smoke,
governments choose winners and losers,
deciding who will starve,
and who will die,
compassion dictated by geography,
and economic importance,
historians marvel at the ineptitude of the Roman people,
when Rome collapsed,
so easily avoided,
as once again the darkness lurks.

the sun beats down angrily on all who scurry under its gaze,
tar in the street blisters and melts,
record heat,
day after day,
the city,
the worst of places to be,
buildings absorb the heat,
block after block,
street after street,
designed to funnel the molten flow of metal,
and humanity,
global warming,
not a concept to concern the sun,
the sun continues his job,
continues to glare,
night time,
and relief,
still hours away.

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