Sunday, June 8, 2014

Douglas Polk- Two Poems

The Con

lies told,
the hope and belief,
no one will care,
weight the bet,
with misery and suffering,
but place the blame else where,
governing the ignorant,
such an easy thing to do,
a shill's paradise.

The Assault

the people of the plains,
in the land of the Great Pawnee,
proud and free,
once protected by distance,
and hills of sand,
the same as the Pawnee,
technology a new weapon,
monitored and regulated,
the hand of tyranny reaches out in text and tweet,
demanding taxes and obedience,
while ordinary citizens struggle through their daily lives,
in a land harsh and bare,
no longer free,
or even their own,
the same as the Great Pawnee.

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