Sunday, June 1, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Climate Change

children taken to sell and abuse,
doctrines discussed,
battles rage,
while the climate changes,
both rhetorically,
and in reality,
uncertainty rules the world,
and conflicts escalate,
in this post-cold war world of climate change.
A Day in the Life

eyes open and the day begins,
along with the pain,
defying description,
or explanation,
why and where the pain exists,
unsolvable mysteries,
the reality only,
the pain alive,
an unconquerable foe,
and constant companion,
a moment taken to close the eyes,
and summon the strength and courage to face the day,
overwhelming to say the least,
comb the hair,
and brush the teeth,
dishes to wash,
floors to sweep,
a mental battle plan formed,
where to expend the energy,
and the needed reserves,
war is hell,
and this one seems unending.

 Terror Time

terror legitimized by drones in the sky,
an accepted practice for the ruling elite,
in bureaucracies protected,
at tax payer expense,
their lives are not to be interrupted by a terrorist event,
so they resort to their own type of terror,
with drones in the sky,
so neat and tidy,
except to the people condemned to die,
terror begets terror in the spineless,
and the cowardly,
death a common event,
to the average man,
and the poor and the brave,
always and forever a part of their lives,
and now even more so,
with each passing day,
as drones fill the skies.

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