Saturday, June 21, 2014

Linda Sacco- A Poem

Worlds Colliding
“Attention passengers:
Welcome to Melbourne Central Station”
Says the artificial voice
Not one of them hears it
On a night like this
Old friends speak intimately
Standing close
Another is in his own world
Transported to another era
Where trains and exhaust aren’t yet imagined
When he looks up
Dragons and medieval castles will disappear
He’ll see the man in the suit
Walking past briskly
With one hand in his pocket
And the other gripping a casual backpack
A girl on a mobile phone circles me
Chatting loudly with a foreign tongue
Comforted perhaps that I don’t understand
Her smile is conniving
What could she be talking about?
The artificial voice snaps back to life again
The train appears
The platform empties
All disappear into the same setting
Worlds apart between us
Now worlds collide
Barriers between are up
Aided by personal comforts
Enables a feeling of somewhat safety
When worlds overlap

1 comment:

  1. Perfect description of travelling on public transport, although I would have liked more imagery on the other passengers' worlds - I want to know ~F