Wednesday, June 4, 2014

James Babbs- Three Poems

I Didn’t Want Anything From Her

it was after the big snowstorm
when I saw her
out there in the parking lot
trying to start her car
but she was having trouble
so I went over and asked her
if she could use some help
she was a really beautiful woman and
I’d been attracted to her
ever since the first time we met
but she always told me no
whenever I asked her out
I wasn’t angry with her
just kind of disappointed
but I wasn’t going to leave her stranded
I wasn’t that kind of guy
so after several failed attempts
to get her car running
I offered to drive her home
she glanced at her phone
then I saw her smile
before she looked at me and
told me okay
she asked me
how everything was going
after we were in  my car and
heading down the road
I told her
everything was pretty much the same
I couldn’t help thinking
she looked as beautiful as ever
her hair hanging loose around her face
when we got to her house and
I pulled into the driveway
she asked me
if I wanted to come inside
I told her no
it was okay
I didn’t want anything from her
I wasn’t trying to be mean
maybe I was just dumb
I don’t know
I guess
I’ve never been very good
at those kinds of things

In Your Room

I wonder what you’re
doing in your room
right now
saw the light on
when I drove past
in my mind
I can see you in there
long hair hanging down
lying half-naked
across your unmade bed
I wish I were
lying there beside you
listening to you breathe
we wouldn’t have to
do anything
my body touching yours
our hearts
singing us to sleep

The Smallest of Things

I just came here
I wanted to write
and I really like
the atmosphere of this place
sitting here
at this table in the back corner
I like watching the people
coming and going
and there’s a woman with three kids
walking past the window
she’s a good-looking woman
with her hair a little disheveled
in a sexy sort of way and
a few minutes later
she comes inside and
asks the girl behind the counter
if she can use the phone
I can hear her
saying something about
locking her keys in her car
and she has two little girls
and she’s carrying a little boy
he’s not wearing any shoes
and he looks to me
like he might have been sleeping
I think
she’ll want to sit down
at one of the tables and wait
but she doesn’t
when she’s finished talking
she just thanks the girl behind the counter
then turns around and leaves

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