Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Robert Cooperman- A Poem

Proof of Past Lives

Is it just me who’s noticed that Ted Cruz
could be the twin brother of Joe McCarthy—
Wisconsin’s Fifties’ Red-obsessed senator?
With their eyes beadier than craps snake-eyes
and set closer than a double-barrel shotgun,
with their jowls that sweat self-righteousness,
their perpetual stubble bristly as army ants,
they could’ve been separated at birth.

Joe’s true religion was sniffing out Reds
in the State Department, the White House,
the Army, comrades hiding in basements,
or old ladies knitting scarves for their grandkids,
Ted’s blind faith is to send anyone to hell
who doesn’t believe in his Jesus, claiming
the Founding Fathers were all Evangelicals
on their knees to Him first thing every morning—
if they had the least idea what an Evangelical was.  

Separation of Church and State?  Why, that’s
for godless atheists who should be shipped
to Gitmo or back to Russia, Iran, or North Korea.  
No place for them in Ted’s great United-States-
of-Jesus-and-All-His-Saints, except of course,
those blaspheming, heathen Latter Day Ones.

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