Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Alan Garfoot- A Poem

Our Immortal Platinum Fire

For your love my lonesome heart yearns, 
My soul may be bound but my noble spirit burns, 
From my mistakes now I can only learn, 
As the fated wheel of fortune slowly turns. 

Are you my angelic savior of an essence sublime, 
A goddess now to save me by infinity designed, 
For your tendencies of affection so loving and kind, 
Your souls gentle nature so perfectly refined. 

With the sparkle of the starlight your eyes, 
I trace the hues of the twilight skies, 
As the bearer of my love needs no disguise, 
So fresh of spirit, loving and wise. 

You're an amber of affection and scarlet of desire, 
For your tender soft embrace I strive forever higher, 
In my quest for your love I shall never tire, 
Our hearts forever sealed in our immortal platinum fire. 

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