Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Richard Schnap- Two Poems


She heard the cry
Of a distant train
And wondered how far
It could take her

And saw the lights
Of the liquor store
And wondered if wine
Brought release

And read a page
Of her holy book
And wondered just when
She’d be chosen

But sadly knew
That till that time
She’d never escape
From her shadow


Once the phone rang
And my caller ID displayed
My own name and number

I didn’t pick it up
And checked later to find
There was no message left

It was probably a scam
To trick me into donating
Funds to a fake charity

But then I wondered
If it could be myself
Calling from a parallel universe

Or maybe even worse
From beyond the grave
Attempting to warn me

That in the next world
I’d have only myself
To keep me company


  1. Wow! Superb writing!! You knocked it out the park twice, bro. And for that I'm giving you two thumbs up. 👍👍

  2. I just noticed you're from my hometown, too. I'll be damned.