Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Christopher Hivner- Three Poems

Beneath My Feet

It was all in my hands
like feathers
in the late-night dark
tickling the skin
but eluding
my fixed gaze.
I ran it all
through my fingers,
a magician’s conceit,
to feel the silky belly
of pleasure
and a future.
The solid form,
as much my prisoner as
my friend,         
turned to liquid,
slipping from my grip,
spilling to the concrete
beneath my feet,
all of it,
base metal to gold
back to worthless ore,
the alchemy of
having it all
if only for the
briefest of moments.
It was all in my hands,
a sea of unbottled wishes
that found there way
to someone else.


The silence laid me
on a blanket,
the darkness
folding around me
in white-light edges.
I could see through
the sky
beyond the planets
to the prayers,
a wash of connected puzzle lines
abounding with souls
walking the wire
from questions to answers.
A car passed by
to break my reverie,
standing on my porch
staring at the night sky
the stars
crashed into one another,
the beyond lost to me.
I blinked, turned,
and almost lost my balance,
walking my own wire
from alive to living.

Trans-Neptunian Objects

he remembers his dad,
behind him,
fading into the sky
throwing a
noncommittal wave;
when he turns
to face the old man
he debates
whether to wave back

Mars, Jupiter, Uranus,
now Neptune
his father passes
on the way to Pluto

he remains
staring into the sky
still deciding
whether it matters

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