Sunday, February 1, 2015

Joseph Donnelly- Two Poems

Did he have a set back?
He cried when she walked in
Seeing his state
Dirty dishes and molding fathers’ day cards
Darren looked down
Like a dog that just crapped all over the kitchen
The room smelled like old shoes and embarrassment
All Stephanie could do was pick up the dirty plates
And place them in his dirty sink
And hold his crumbling face in her young hands
Trying to ignore the disappointment
Slinking along the filthy floor

Luke hitchhiked

 Luke liked to hitchhike in Vermont
Walk out his back yard to Carrow road to I-89
Up to Montreal in the summer
Christian truck drivers packing away miles
He backpacks nowadays in Europe
Digging out spots in clean hotels
The straps keep him grounded to the road
Despite his family funds hitching him to posts

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