Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Douglas Polk- Two Poems

What If

what if heaven and hell only exist for the believers,
the people who defy or obey,
what if,
when the non-believers die,
they just die,
nothing more,
just the end of a ride,
faith an invitation,
not a demand,
God's spirit grows within,
throughout a lifetime,
unless it dies of unbelief,
a life already dead.


the problem with religion is we like to pick and chose,
read the Bible,
believe this,
and ignore that,
ridicule anyone who doesn't believe the same as you,
as for what the good book says,
seems truthfully pretty cut and dried,
yet read in different ways,
by rich or poor,
black or white,
straight or gay,
the message as muddled as sin.

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