Thursday, February 26, 2015

Arif Ahmad- A Poem

Barack Hussein Obama

A person of color and you find the going a little rough
Feel a lot coming at you, some say tough luck

Now imagine you hold the top office in the world and that you are black

Welcome to the world of a man they call Barack

I cannot find a better example of the state of race in 2015 America than this one person

A man of color called unpatriotic, communist, liar, shown a finger in his face, that he was never a born American

Not to mention the new curse word, Muslim

If on the receiving end of all this is the President of the United States, what are the odds stacked against a child of color standing at a street corner

Yes when it comes to race in America we have come a long way and yet have some distance left to cover

Still the story here is not what has been hurled at him for the color of his skin

The story is his response or lack of to all this

The real story is of inspiration in the mold of Ali, King, and Mandela

That history would add another name to this distinguished list

That of Barack Hussein Obama

For carrying his color and poise the way he did

1 comment:

  1. Poems of this nature, written in the vernacular without vividly charged language or images, are difficult to pull off, but you manage to do so. The rhymed couplets are nearly invisible, and never detract from the authenticity of the voice. All in all, a fine poem, and a fine tribute to an unjustly-maligned president. Nice job!