Thursday, February 12, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

cascading dreams

all the words
well up in me and insist
upon being poured
but when i see your face
my heart feels like
it's suspended in
can't help but fall in love even
if we've never met
maybe that's crazy but anything's
possible and we're all
maybe if given the chance
i would kiss you
even without
because you've made me laugh,
and you are beautiful;
i know you've probably been told
a thousand times
but never by me and i paint my life
so differently than any other
letting myself blow away like dandelion
wishes because i'm the girl made
of dreams. 

painting pictures

if i could paint a picture it
would never be as
beautiful as you
caught in the heartbeat of youth and
all her beauty,
but still i try
yet nothing i ever paint ever
does you any justice;
is it true when they say beauty is a curse?
from my experience, it is, because
everyone covets your
loveliness but no one wants
you, but i am not that
give me your flaws and imperfections
i wouldn't shy away
my own skeletons lay in my closet
and if you'd ask me
i'd let them all fall at your feet—
always i've prided myself
on my honesty
i'd pour it in your glass let you see the
truth of me and maybe just maybe
you could love me the way
i love you.

soul dancer

i think should we ever meet
the words would fail
because you are the most beautiful
person i've ever seen,
and i am the shy girl always hiding
behind the symphony of words
writing my own destinies
across the page
in the words and waves of heros and
but i think maybe you'd be the
perfect hero
to save me from myself
maybe it's foolish for me to even write this
because you'll probably never read
a word,
but if you do then know i love you because
you made me laugh when everything
in my life was darkness,
and you're more than just a pretty face to me
i want to dance in the beauty of your soul.

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