Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Joseph Robert- Two Poems

Joseph Robert was longlisted for the Melita Hume Poetry Prize 2015. His poetry has been published in numerous print and online magazines in the UK and US and his joint poetry chapbook with his poet wife, Leilanie Stewart, has been reviewed in Sabotage Magazine. Website: http://writeoutloud.net/profiles/josephrobert

That Life-Loss Thrill

‘What’s with the attitude?’ you’re thinking,
Well, it’s the sump pump pumping out fear and devotion,
From the rotted depths of my heart,
Anxious to mourn, but incapable of it,
I must be fighting to understand the years of stolen time,
When I poured my pride down the mouth of a cult,
In exchange for wretched identity, hand-me-down hate,
And a pinch of praise, manic yet false,
I get giddy,
Flying in chaos, emptiness cyclones round this present day,
Lift me up to what I hate,
For the pleasure of rebellion,
Is too warped in my grain,
To leave off loathing what I was once,
Even though I’ve changed,
I swear it,
I have,
But still,
I swoon at the regular cold breeze,
Of that life-loss thrill,
‘Am I ill?’ I demand,
Them I contradict then, whatever they dare say

Sick And Healthy

nobody listens to my logics over lunch breaks
on the subject of why their bodies are falling apart
physically, Sick and Healthy
are double-headed twins, joined at the hip
an irradiated abomination sprung from the loins
of Lady Medicine, after a rough prodding
by Capitalism’s prick
Healthy develops wonder drugs and salvation surgeries
Sick’s the profit motive that makes a mint
managing chronic symptoms, but never curing them
to keep us coming in, to keep us paying out
enjoy slapping on nicotine patches then
wash those statins down
with purified soy milk and cheap cheat day bourbon
bathe in warm antidepressants, gargle comforting research
go take an organic dirt nap, Death
you abusive uncle of Sick and Healthy and of us
we’re as unsure as they are
so we obey doctors like priest kings
confess your history, cough up your copays and pop your pills
whether you’re sick or healthy
pay their goddamn bills

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