Monday, March 21, 2016

Bree- Three Poems

To Be Warm as This

straddling logs by the creek,
good looks at a purple finch,
startled by the exodus a field
mouse made fast, i smiled
to feel a trickle down the
arm, cool perspiration--for
months now, i had waited to
be warm as this.

At Last

welcome the sting of the first
real sun on my arms in ages.

i entered Petty's wide open,
having spent many days in my
cages. how i mourned each day
that passed, knowing spring
beauties surely by now had
begun carpeting Kentucky
forests. i did not know they
grew in chorus with hardneck
garlic and violets, right here
on my private roads in.

plenty impressed with uninvited
periwinkles, the native mustards
and cress, through a fence i
sudden saw in a wood where a
great black cow lowed,
one white head, and
quickly another.

in a flash i let go formalities, my
heart beat fast. had to trespass
a bit, climb a fence to creep near,
kneel and let my eyes to the slow
spread; every hollow in the forest
floor filled in with the beauties,
such dainty six-petaled harbingers
of many days like this.

Perhaps a Little Bit

a calm pond, the only movement
were several heads of turtles,
wee periscopes which dipped
down at times, to disappear
among the water starwort.
in last years cane song sparrows
played close to the breast low
to the ground.
i saw a pale blue moth, and
followed its flight, hoping for a
landing that never did.

only to find a rich blue dragonfly
in fifth-gear scanning something
at the waters edge.
and i scanned. constantly.
tree lines, low brush,road
sides, the sky--as though
taking inventory of that
mysterious glory, which
can be sensed or grasped
and maybe rub off.

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