Friday, March 25, 2016

Alan Catlin- Three Poems

Walking home

from high school
girl, maybe fifteen,
talking to her peers
about a classmate
who “hasn’t done it
yet.” Says, “She’s like
hesitant.  Reluctant.
So I said, ‘You mean
you’re still a virgin!
That’s crazy.  What
are you waiting for?
It only hurts the first
time. After that it can
be kind of fun.’
She wasn’t convinced,
I could tell.  God,
what a prude.”

I’m not saying

she’s a slut but
it’s well known
she has been
with like everybody
on the football team.
One player said she’s
been on her back
so many times
with guys she has
hash marks on
her ass. Whatever
that means.
I’m told that when
guys try out they
mean with her and
she has final say on
who makes the team
or not.  I mean she
has more likes on
Facebook than anybody,
what’s with that?
She’s not even
a cheerleader.

What a bitch

 I mean it’s not like
what happened was
a major bust or
it wasn’t even an
ounce.  You’d think
she’d find a better
place to stash than
in her locker, even if
he had just copped
the weed from me. 
And you’d think
she wouldn’t say
where she got it
out of general principles. 
It’s not like some
weed is going to
turn up on her academic
record. Or her college
application. Like she
wouldn’t get in.

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