Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ananya S. Guha- A Poem

Easter 2016

Easter, all will be quiet
on the front of my home town
and people streaming will alight
the church of love to witness
terrible history, salvation of a crucifix, and the church
will have mourners, for so many
years, enclasped in childhood's dreams , have I heard
these prayers, as the bells clanging, drumming a beat
in sobriety
as if in stupor. Hymns and songs
weave the prayer, lyrics chant
O God I want
and then it will be all over on
a Sunday of resurrection.
This monument of  love pray
This monument of  love stay
This monument  of love light
This monument  of love might
as satan demonic
and in time's order mnenomic .
Easter will once again amidst
ruinous ashes lead all roads
to prayer, the young and the
old will believe for once
that dark forces have withered.
My gnomic town remains unmoved.
No prayer can storm it's ramparts
of love.

Ananya S Guha

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