Friday, March 25, 2016

Heather Gelb- A Poem

Rat Eyes

Is there a perfect fruit cocktail
Of sweet and tart,
Fleshy and crisp with the hint of
Orchards watered by tears
Salty with persevering hope?
Even if such a blend were offered in
A smooth clay bowl burned by an
inextinguishable flame of the heart,
She would only see a rat and once again
Turn away

Brief Bio: I often feel like a gazelle as I leap from hilltop to hilltop.
On one of these hills I recently published my memoir, my spiritual  journey from the hills of one land to another:  

One of my poems based on this book was  featured in the fall edition of Poetica Magazine.

I have also published stories and poetry in other various publications like Pyrokinection, Green Panda Press, Deronda Review, Jellyfish Whispers, UFO Gigolo, Stepping Stones, IJN and Esra Magazine

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