Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Robert Demaree- Haiku



Rice, cotton; dark, still bayous:
Vulnerable land.

Mardi Gras at dawn
On St. Charles Avenue:
Ladders await Rex.

Lakefront restaurant,
Newspaper on the table:
Peeling crawfish.

Hurricane warning,
The Archbishop offers prayer:
Long night in a shelter.

Where our girls grew up.
Left part of myself down there,
That haunted country.

Sports Page

At Briggs Stadium,
Older white guys in felt hats:
Tigers baseball game.

A clandestine game:
Blacks and whites on the same court:
Nineteen forty-four.

NCAA hoops:
Our sentimental impulse:
Pull for the lower seed.

Two ranked lacrosse teams:
Northern boys come south to play:
Duke wins in OT.


Searched the Internet,
As people our age will do:
Old colleague, since died.

Bought a polo shirt
At the estate sale; sadly,
Knew the provenance.

One day someone else
Will come to Golden Pines who
Plays the dulcimer.

Robert Demaree is the author of three book-length collections, including After Labor Day (2014) published by Beech River Books. He presents poetry readings, seminars and workshops in North Carolina (October through June) and New England (June through October). Next programs: Twin Lakes Poetry Festival, Burlington, N.C., May 4 and 11; Effingham Library Poetry Seminar, Effingham, N.H., June 25. The Haiku Journal is a project to write one haiku or senyru each day for a year.

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