Monday, March 21, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

The Spy

the Trump campaign,
a brilliant ploy of the Clinton political machine,
created to elect a candidate,
Hillary's one and only chance,
Trump only an employee,
or a spy,
destroying the country,
one speech at a time.

Public Relations

republicans have never understood,
more pubic relations,
than policy positions,
now boogie men,
one and all,
a maverick republican,
well versed in public relations,
a boogie man,
and proud of the fact,
republicans cringe as the image of their party re-enforced,
a disaster,
hands wringing,
and a curse of four more years, 
the boogie men of the future,
hidden from view,
behind the public relation firms,
and the media.

A Cuban Visit

visiting America's future,
seeing the country he hopes America becomes,
in his element,
cuban cigars,
and poverty,
a society easily corrupted,
easily swayed,
Obama a comrade to the working man,
equality for all,
freedom for none.

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