Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jennifer Lagier- Poem & Photo

                                                  "Morning on Moonstone Beach"

Morning on Moonstone Beach

Pelicans scout collapsing spindrift.
Overhead, impending storm festers.

Beneath greasewood -- squirrel burrows,
tiny sparrows, cautious cottontail bunnies.

High tide retreats, reveals broken shells,
uprooted seaweed, featureless driftwood.

A lone surfer descends from ragged bluff,
flings board and himself into violent ocean.

White caps punctuate restless sea.
New year unfolds with Act I of El Niño.

Jennifer Lagier is an aging hippie who has failed her way through multiple careers and now resides beside the Pacific Ocean with three spoiled dogs and her penchant for snakes.

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